Funerals bring a great deal of sadness, and no-one wants to think about the loss of a family member or friend.

A funeral service helps in many ways. 

-Celebrates the life and achievements of the deceased.

-Brings family & friends together to acknowledge the death and to support each other.

-Provides a time for people to say their final goodbyes to the deceased.     

I will meet with you and your family to gather information about your loved one.

This information will aid me to write & conduct a meaningful ceremony, that reflects the attributes of the deceased.

I encourage family members & friends to be involved in the ceremony, which may include reading a poem or verse, or placing personal tributes.

I can assist you with all facets of the ceremony, including readings, music or visual tributes.

Memorial Services

A memorial service can be held at anytime, and sometimes replaces a traditional funeral.

At a memorial service, the coffin is not present.

Memorial services can be held in a place that was signicant to the deceased.

This may include the beach or a park.

Scattering of a loved ones ashes in the ocean or bush land may also be apart of a memorial service

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